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Deter Burglars

Crime statistics show that burglars are three times less likely to target property with video surveillance than to risk being being captured on video, which is what makes an IP addressable surveillance system such a great investment.

Most burglars when they see evidence that a property is under surveillance will target another property.

Systems starting at $795.00

Now you can check in on the babysitter, your employees or business with the click of a mouse thanks to IP addressable surveillance technology! Best of all thanks to mass production of surveillance equipment you can now install a system quite affordably.  Once a luxury sold primarily to the wealthy, surveillance cameras are now priced to fit practically any budget.

Reduce Losses From Theft

Both customers and employees are less likely to resort to theft when they know their actions are being recorded. Companies who install camera systems report a major decrease in theft, which they attribute to the installation of a video surveillance equipment. Reduced losses equal increased profits.

Watch Children Playing Outdoors

Connect your DVR to your television and keep an eye on children playing outdoors. indoor playrooms and nurseries are also common places to install cameras. Watch nannys and babysitters with discreet cameras disguised as common household items. 

IP Surveillance Takes You Straight To The Alarm Event

In the event you're ever called by your alarm company regarding an alarm at your home or business, an IP addressable camera system will allow you and your monitoring company to log into the camera system and see what has occurred and distinguish an actual intrusion from a false alarm.

Maintain A Video Record of All Arrivals and Departures

There's no better proof of when an employee has arrived or departed from work or a shipment has arrived or left the premises than a time and date stamped video record. This helps to eliminate time card forgeries as well as establishes a record of all pick up and deliveries.

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